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Disability Psychotherapy Ireland emerged from a small group of psychotherapists who shared one very precious commonality, we were all being clinically supervised in our therapeutic practice with people with disabilities by the late Dr. Alan Corbett, psychoanalyst, disability psychotherapist, author, former Director at Respond (UK) and founding member of  the Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability (UK). Alan was a pioneer of disability psychotherapy in the UK and internationally; and the guiding light who nurtured and enriched the development of disability psychotherapy practice in Ireland.

Alan introduced us to each other initially to form a reading group, and out of this Disability Psychotherapy Ireland (DPI) came into being.  Since then, DPI has provided reading groups, seminars, conferences, and in more recent years, the ongoing very successful webinar series. We have been very fortunate to have partnered with Callan Institute in many of our events and this collaboration continues to grow, to the benefit of clinicians, allied professionals, individuals, families, and disability services. We strive to raise awareness and promote the efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatments for people with disabilities, respecting diversity and upholding equality in access to psychotherapeutic services.

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